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Many of our clients have very capable financial personnel who can deal with everyday financial issues. In a receivership, an independent, impartial party is appointed by a court or by creditors to receive, manage, analyze, preserve and/or dispose of an at-risk or disputed property or business – until the issue can be resolved. The best receivers attempt to not only preserve but actually increase the value of the distressed assets under their management. Our extensive forensic accounting experience also allows us to look beyond the obvious to determine if there is more to the story. However, instances arise when it becomes clear you need someone to help you forge a new path and solve a problem. That’s where we come in.

We have acted as a Court-Appointed receivers and Bankruptcy examiners. As receivers, we have managed and held large real estate projects and operating business of all types. Some we have managed, others we have liquidated. Our experience includes performing financial analysis, expense and efficiency reviews, forensic accounting and fraud analysis, as well as assisting with existing legal disputes and lease negotiations, sales, and foreclosures.