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Bank Consulting

Our fluency in the language of banking and our ability to read between the lines is why we get results. Our professional roots are deeply embedded in the banking industry. Our team’s combined experience totals more than 50 years in the operational, regulatory, and lending aspects of banking.

Our financial services industry clients appreciate what we do because they realize we have the skills only experience provides. We begin by assessing the situation, paring down information, then cut to the chase and provide advice with real value and benefit. We can do this simply because we have already walked a mile in their shoes and sat on the other side of the desk. Combined, we have enough banking experience to understand the nuances of the financial services industry.

Our financial industry experience, combined with our financial, economic, and accounting expertise enables us to analyze a situation from many sides. The benefit to our clients is clear; we move efficiently from the situational assessment to a sound solution.

For every engagement, we apply our theory of theory and our experience to arrive at sound solutions and conclusions.

    Example of our bank consulting engagements include:

  • Assisting clients in analyzing mergers and acquisitions, including the financial feasibility, deal structure, and due diligence
  • Valuing consideration to be given or received
  • Asset quality reviews
  • Conducting management studies
  • Facilitating strategic planning sessions
  • Structuring executive compensation plans
  • Valuation closely-held institutions in connection with buy-sell agreements and employee stock ownership plans
  • Consulting regarding regulatory issues and banking standards and practices.

Whatever your issue, we have the kind of experience to provide you with the information you need. The kind of information you can take directly to the bank.