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Fraud Investigations

The fact is, we know how to follow the money. It’s that simple. Using our knowledge and financial and accounting background, we can decipher the books, reconstruct the events, and follow the money right back to where it began and, most importantly, where it ended.

Our investigative strength draws on our ability to collect vast quantities of data, distill it, take it apart, and discern from it accurate and relevant information. This is what separates us from others. We know it’s not enough to simply read the back of a check; we know how to analyze data and piece together information to reveal a picture that accurately supports a logical conclusion. Whether your needs call for the reconstruction of a situation that has already occurred, or one which you suspect is current and ongoing, we know how to get the answers, right down to the very last penny.

    Examples of fraud investigation assignments include:

  • Alleged employee or owner misappropriations
  • Inappropriate contractual relationships
  • Evaluating internal accounting controls and processes
  • Marital asset tracing and apportionment
  • White collar criminal Defense or Prosecution

We have successfully performed fraud investigations in a variety of settings, including as independent consultants and investigators, as part of an internal audit department’s team, or as a part of a broader litigation matter. We understand that internal matters require tact and we are happy to work with our clients to develop an engagement structure that works for our firm and fits your specific needs.