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Forensic Accounting

Many of our clients have very capable financial personnel who can deal with everyday financial issues. However, instances arise when it becomes clear you need someone to help you forge a new path and solve a problem. That’s where we come in.

Our clients come to us to help with the most difficult of task-specific business and financial problems. Often, clients may not know their specific needs. Fortunately, we know what to ask and where to look to help. We can help unearth both the problem and create a solution. Our thorough understanding of the fundamental principles of financial analysis and accounting, combined with our ongoing study of current business and financial trends, enables us to construct a viable and creative solution tailored to the financial issues facing our clients.

    Armed with our experience and ability to undertake complex financial modeling, we are uniquely qualified to consult with companies with the following:

  • Complex business litigation
  • Reviewing contract terms and financial implications
  • Mergers and acquisitions, including financial feasibility, and deal structure
  • Due diligence
  • Valuing consideration to be given or received
  • Economic and statistical analysis
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency issues
  • Executive compensation and employee benefit plans
  • Fiduciary standards

In performing forensic accounting analyses, we focus on identifying relevant facts, analyzing those facts in the circumstances, and reaching well-reasoned and supportable conclusions regarding the occurrence of events. Examples of performing forensic accounting analyses include tracing funds through business records or determining the economic substance of complex financial transactions. A frequent forensic accounting task includes determining what event(s) occurred, when or if they occurred, who was responsible or involved, whether they were recorded or concealed, and how they may be interpreted based on other facts.

Whatever your financial issue, we can provide the assistance to help build a stronger foundation that will enable your company to go to that next level of performance.