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Data Analytics

Information today comes in the form of bits and bytes. Financial and accounting records, in particular, are now stored electronically. To make sense of this information, and particularly to apply it to litigation or investigative purpose, requires a sophisticated knowledge of information systems and data analytics. Our firm prides itself on a robust data analytics practice and the ability to analyze electronic information in just about any form. We have experience working with data ranging from small proprietary systems to large corporate mainframes and everything in between. Once we have a sense of an engagement scope, our next task often focuses on collecting and analyzing electronic data.

    Examples of our engagements extensively using data analytics include:

  • Analysis of several million general ledger entries to compute customer rebates.
  • Processing over twenty thousand point-of-sale data files to analyze voided transactions and undeclared tip income.
  • Building a database application to efficiently capture bank transaction data from over twenty thousand pages of bank statements to complete a tracing and records reconstruction analysis.
  • Using our bank transaction database to review over four thousand pages of bank statements to identify and analyze key transfers between accounts.
  • Performing a detailed review of a prosecutor’s data analysis and producing evidence demonstrating the analysis lacked basis, resulting in the dismissal of a four-year investigation.
  • Applying over sixteen million records of pricing data to thousands of inventory records to recreate the value of alleged inventory misappropriation.
  • Reconstructing thirty million oil & gas pay history records to understand and recompute the component expenses charged to working interest and royalty owners.

Effective use of data analytics software on consulting projects is no longer a “nice-to-have” skillset. It’s a mandatory part of today’s business and our firm has over 15 years’ experience working with data from hundreds of clients and processing systems that we bring to your project.