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Oil & Gas

One of our core competencies is the analysis of information in connection with complex business litigation. Disputes in the oil and gas industry routinely involve the analysis of extensive and complex industry-specific data. We combine our skills in data analytics with knowledge of industry accounting and operations to assist our clients in this area.

Examples of our work in the area of oil and gas include assignments involving:

  • Royalty calculations: disputes may arise regarding the proper calculation of amounts due royalty owners. We have the database skills required to analyze very large royalty payment data sets and the industry knowledge to evaluate the calculations that were performed to determine the value on which royalties were paid.
  • Working interest disputes: disputes that arise between operators and other working interest owners including cost and revenue allocations.
  • Processing and transportation: our professionals have provided assistance in cases where midstream operations have become components of disputes in royalty matters or between producers and midstream companies.