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Economic Damages / Complex Business Litigation

One of our core competencies is the analysis of information in connection with complex business litigation. With our combined expertise in the areas of banking, accounting, finance, economics and statistics, we can comfortably accept the role of expert witness in a variety of situations.

We pride ourselves on our ability to arrive at objective and defensible conclusions based on the fundamentals of finance, accounting, economics and banking. By employing our analytical expertise and utilizing the principals of these disciplines, we can arrive at complete, sound and defensible conclusions. The fact is, we don’t go out on a limb for anyone. We have earned a reputation as a firm whose goal is to find the answer. No matter where information comes from, we investigate the data ourselves, we research it, we analyze it, and we don’t make unsupported assumptions.

    Examples of our work in the area of economic damages include assignment involving:

  • Financial and economic damages analysis and computation
  • Damages assertions involving antitrust and unfair practices, employment law and efficient securities markets
  • Investigating and reconstructing financial records
  • Business valuation services, including intellectual property
  • White collar criminal defense or prosecution