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Mary Flanigen Smith, CPA, PC

Mary Flanigen Smith, CPA, PC is a public accounting firm that focuses on providing accounting and tax support to small businesses. Their firm is expert in assisting businesses establish or improve their accounting and payroll functions and providing management consultations with budgeting, forecasting, and analysis. They also have extensive experience in tax return preparation and planning for trusts, individuals and businesses, including those in a multi-state environment.

Michael and Mary Smith have a longstanding professional relationship with Sheri Betzer that dates back to their experiences together while employed by the Internal Revenue Service. Mary Flanigen Smith, CPA, has teamed with Sheri to investigate and trace transactions through complex accounting books. She has also provided assistance to Sheri’s clients by setting up proper books for their businesses, filing correct tax returns, and providing continuing bookkeeping and tax filing services.

Michael Smith, CPA has been a great asset to the BCLS team by deciphering complex tax issues and assisting Sheri in research and locating the right answers to the difficult questions.

Should your specific needs require the specialized skills of Mary Flanigen Smith or others at their firm we would be pleased to provide you with a personal introduction. To learn more about Mary Flanigen Smith, CPA or contact that firm directly you may click on the link provided below.

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